Rephotography is a project by Stefan Brajter - great fan of Łódź, photographer, carefully and closely analyzing reality - the creator of the unique compilations of the old and new. His work on rephotography began in 2009, by issuing together with Gazeta Wyborcza a photo album: “Łódzki Fotospacerownik w czasie i przestrzeni”. For several years he has successfully published his works on the blog http://refotografie.blogspot.com/

Since 2016 the project continues on Facebook.

In December 2017, thanks to the support of Muzeum Historii Polski (The Polish History Museum) and the Patriotism of Tomorrow programme, within the framework of “Lokalne dziedzictwo w każdej kieszeni” (The Local Heritage in Every Pocket) project, the Lodz Rephotographs have found a new "home" on this website and in the mobile application. The Topography Association is the partner of the project and the operator of the website.

If you have an interesting old photos of Lodz presenting places worth rephotographing write the author at: refotografielodz@gmail.com.